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I don't like the term blogger. I consider myself to be a writer, though perhaps there is no difference. This site is an experiment to share ideas as widely as possible. I hope you find something here to entertain or inform.

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General Interest

15 Dec 2021 Love: The Leadership Secret
04 Aug 2021 Trumpist Vaccine Hesitancy: Time To Deploy 'The Predator'
18 Jul 2021 Day One: Diary Of A Middle-Aged Influencer
19 Mar 2021 He Just Needed A Few More Months
24 Feb 2021 We're Over Coronavirus
12 Dec 2020 Taco Bell Broke Me
25 Nov 2020 Twelve Star Trek Characters We Need To See Again
19 Nov 2020 Why the Detroit Vote Was Legit
21 Oct 2020 Why Polls May Tighten Even More
01 Oct 2020 Elections Don't Prove Much
25 Sep 2020 How To Get A Gold Star With Your New Boss
18 Sep 2020 Why Keeping The Filibuster Is Essential For The Democrats

12 Sep 2020 How Bad Are The Cities?
10 Sep 2020 Three Steps for Team Development: Get Your Time Back
26 Aug 2020 The Coming Red Wave
14 Aug 2020 Stereotyping My State
10 Aug 2020 Teachers & Motivation: Applying Maslow to the Educator
06 Aug 2020 No, The Senate Is Not 'Undemocratic'
31 Jul 2020 Everything You Own Is Crap
24 Jul 2020 Five US Freedoms, Ranked by Outsiders
19 Jul 2020 Why It's Time To Embed Journalists With Police
12 Jul 2020 Four Reasons Trump Will Leave Office
10 Jul 2020 Challenging Pelosi: An Interview With Shahid Buttar
06 Jul 2020 Leaders, Are You An Aikman Or A Romo?
04 Jul 2020 Will 2020 Re-Write Political Theory?
01 Jul 2020 Five Times Trump Bucked the Russians
24 Jun 2020 Will Police Pay? Qualified Immunity, Rich Lawyers
21 Jun 2020 Sleepless in San Francisco: What Keeps Nancy Pelosi Awake at Night
18 Jun 2020 I Think My Dog Is Trying To Go Viral
16 Jun 2020 What If The Police Revolt?


13 Jun 2020 My Favorite Leadership Lesson From Captain Kirk
11 Jun 2020 It Wasn't a Running Injury and I Could Have Died
10 Jun 2020 Soft 'Orange' Journalism at the LA Times
08 Jun 2020 Four Hard Truths of Police Reform

06 Jun 2020 The Suburbs Are Marching
04 Jun 2020 Two Lessons From My Best Running Moment
02 Jun 2020: Space for Hope: We've Shown That We Can Be Better

29 May 2020 Did John Roberts Save the Tax Code?
26 May 2020 Six Things Big & Tall Runners Need to Know
23 May 2020 The US Needs a Digital First Amendment
19 May 2020 America Indivisible: Four Times Things Were Worse
16 May 2020 Hardening America: An Effects Based Analysis of Existential Threats
14 May 2020 How to Build a Totally Free Website in 2 Hours on Mailchimp, by a Complete Novice
13 May 2020 How I Fixed My Online Student Satisfaction Failure
05 May 2020 The Secret of Verifying Your Passion: Do you love the thing, or just the idea of the thing?
02 May 2020 Why I joined ILLUMINATION
01 May 2020 In Defense of the Amateur
25 Apr 2020 Scotch for the Apocalypse
14 Apr 2020 Your Organization Must Focus on Three Things
10 Apr 2020 The 5 1/2 Most Important Things I Didn’t Know When I Started My PhD
09 Apr 2020 Suicide is an American Crisis, Not a Military Crisis
06 Apr 2020 What Really Motivates Me
05 Apr 2020 A Four Question Test that Reduces Plagiarism
02 Apr 2020 The Success Lesson I Learned Watching Anime With My Teen Daughter
27 Mar 2020 Turning Out 12th Grade Widgets
24 Mar 2020 Ph.D.s on the Non-Academic Path

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Related Commentary & Analysis

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